sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2016

Better keep your back to the wall

With time and a careful self and environmental evaluation you learn who really cares about you and who sees the possibility to manipulate you in their favor, even doing good things and appreciating you at some point.

You understand the difference between those that care about what is happening to you and what are your reasons and the ones that "know it all".
Those that understand your lifestyle and those who, as smart and wise they can be, live inside their boxes.
Those that understand you are growing in self-knowledge, looking for your own happiness, and will kneel for no one and those who think you still the same kid, not realizing the difference between when you unhappy as fuck and when you happy as hell.

Andof course we do mistakes along the way but we still getting strong, and finally I'm here where I belong. While many should go away and take their stories from the past.

For those, I'll let Roi, that said it better than me, to answer "better keep your back to the wall".

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